Eleanor Díaz Ritson pictures deep-time processes through a new body of large-scale paintings and writing. Her approach to paint brings forth the related mineral nature of rock, soil and bone, depicting both human figures and geological forms in expressive and timeless strokes. In the artist’s words “Through my claystone eyes, I experience both body and place as lively; unmovin yet turbulent… Body-form becomes earth-form, landscapes of bone, rock and earth fluidly span time to the inner reaches of our bodies and minds.”

A perception of ourselves as superior to nature fosters a globally shared sentiment of atomisation, cutting our connection with both our ancient selves and our ecosystems. The dept of time, and the richness of nature have been reduced to an endless, reactive ‘present’ and a still, inert ‘other’, which in turn impoverishes our own beings. Of dual Mexican and Pākehā descent, Eleanor Díaz Ritson seeks to reconnect this severance through an art practice that i simultaneously an act of personal decolonisation. Her painting and writing interweave us with th earth and amalgamates the immortal with the transitory. “Perhaps with vision refreshed we can permit ourselves a moment of reverie: the quotidian is suspended; time changes; we can consider a way forward in this world.” 

Many of Eleanor Díaz Ritson’s art works incorporate a written component, treading between imagined and literal narratives. Through Claystone Eyes is also a handmade book featuring writing by the artist, a poem by Rafael Díaz Ritson, and photographs by Trantham Gordon. Limited copies are available during this exhibition.